A Better Internet , A Better Future

About the Foundation

LARUS Foundation was established in 2018. We aim to raise the public’s awareness on the Internet’s policy development so as to improve the future of the Internet.Through the Foundation’s Fellowship Programme, we provide support for various parties, particularly students and academics to participate inpolicy-making and Internet governance conferences.

Our Mission

We understand that the general public’s exposure to policy making is limited while some capable candidates who are interested in policy may not have sufficient funds to pursue further studies in this field.

What we aim is to support the following two parties:

The general public by education;

People who are interested in pursuing further studies by financial support.

We hope to create a better Internet for the next generation by doing so.

I believe that an increased participation of policy-making from the general public will be beneficial for the Internet’s development.

Lu Heng

Chairman, LARUS Foundation

Fellowship Programme

The Fellowship Programme is designed to inspire more young people into number policy making and future Internet governing by sponsoring them to take part in different RIR (Regional Internet Registry)’s meeting and engage in policy-making discussion so as to help build a better Internet for future generations.

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